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Saturdays are for couples only, and couples always pay 30 euro on Wednesday and 50 on Friday or Saturday.

If you wanted to find swingers parties in Hungary then check out Dust to Dawn. That link will have all the info you need about their upcoming group sex parties and how you can get in contact with them. If they allow every single guy to go to a group sex party then the orgy would be all men. If you were looking for some sort of gay sauna club then that might be OK, but most guys on this page are looking to have sex with women.

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That is why at swingers swingere single women always get in free where Orgiex single men have to pay a high cover charge. If you do want to show up solo and try to get in to a group sex party make yourself look as presentable as possible. Be well groomed, dress to impress, and try to flash a little cash. A tip to the doorman might make a closed door open a little easier. You may also want to try to meet some kinky girls in Budapest to bring with you so that you can get in and pay less to do so.

But how are you supposed to go about meeting these kinky girls? On the main floor you have a drink bar with a very RUDE guy looks like a gypsy or turkish. Later he was replaced with nice girl but he was looking for us with anger. On the main floor you have a place for eating, dishes are good, nothing special but also not shitty. The rest of main floor is the dance floor but till 2: Every guests were sitting around the corners and looking at the people.

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No action there, it was a place for drink and smoke. Upstairs was a rooms for sex. Only one lockable. We saw there few nice gangbangs but only by few seconds because every time few guys arounded us, one even started to touch my wife nothing saying before. Terrible, they were going everywhere where we went. We just wanted to sit somewhere on the 1st floor and have a see some gangbang but it was not possible.

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