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Is glass solid or liquid?

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To answer the question "Is glass liquid or solid? Thermodynamics of glass There is still much yahlo the molecular physics and thermodynamics of glass that is not well understood, but we can give a general account of what is thought to be the case. Many solids have a crystalline structure on microscopic scales.

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The molecules are arranged in a regular lattice. As the solid is heated the molecules vibrate about their position in the lattice until, at the melting point, the crystal breaks down and the molecules start to flow. There is a sharp distinction between the solid and datinng liquid state, that is separated by glase first order phase transition, i. Freezing is marked by a release of heat known as the heat of zolid. The viscosity of water at room temperature is about 0. A thick oil might have a viscosity of about 1. As a liquid is Is glass a liquid or solid yahoo dating datlng viscosity normally increases, but viscosity also has a glzss to prevent crystallisation.

Usually when a liquid is cooled to below its melting point, crystals form and it solidifies; but sometimes it gahoo become supercooled and liqiud liquid below its melting point because there are no nucleation sites to initiate the liqudi. If the viscosity rises enough luquid it is cooled further, it may never crystallise. The viscosity rises rapidly and continuously, Iss a thick liqkid and eventually an amorphous solid. The molecules then have dxting disordered arrangement, but sufficient cohesion to maintain some rigidity. In this state it is often called an amorphous solid or glass.

In fact, there is a second order transition between the supercooled liquid state and the glass state, so a distinction can still be drawn. The transition is not as dramatic as the phase change that takes you from liquid to crystalline solids. There is no discontinuous change of density and no latent heat of fusion. The transition can be detected as a marked change in the thermal expansivity and heat capacity of the material. The temperature at which the glass transition takes place can vary according to how slowly the material cools. If it cools slowly it has longer to relax, the transition occurs at a lower temperature and the glass formed is more dense.

If it cools very slowly it will crystallise, so there is a minimum limit to the glass transition temperature. Density as a function of temperature in the phases of glassy materials A liquid to crystal transition is a thermodynamic one; i. The glass transition is purely kinetic: The molecules of the glass take on a fixed but disordered arrangement. Glasses and supercooled liquids are both metastable phases rather than true thermodynamic phases like crystalline solids. In principle, a glass could undergo a spontaneous transition to a crystalline solid at any time. Sometimes old glass devitrifies in this way if it has impurities. The situation at the level of molecular physics can be summarised by saying that there are three main types of molecular arrangement: They do not fit into the above scheme and are sometimes described as being halfway between crystals and glass.

Polymerised materials such as rubber show a clear glass transition at low temperatures but are normally considered to be solid in both the glass and rubber conditions. It is sometimes said that glass is therefore neither a liquid nor a solid. It has a distinctly different structure with properties of both liquids and solids. Not everyone agrees with this terminology. Material properties of glasses Usually when people talk about solids and liquids, they are referring to macroscopic material properties rather than the arrangement of molecules. After all, glass as a material was known about long before its molecular physics was understood. Macroscopically, materials exhibit a very wide range of behaviours.

Solids, liquids and gases are ideal behaviours characterised by properties such as compressibility, viscosity, elasticity, strength and hardness.

A solid or glass dating yahoo Is liquid

But materials don't always behave according to such ideals. For example, it's possible to take water from being a liquid to a gas at high pressure without its passing through a phase transition; so at some stage it must be between an ideal liquid and an ideal gas. For crystalline substances the distinction between the solid and liquid states is very clear, but what about glasses? Indeed, where do polymers, gels, foams, liquid crystals, powders and colloids fit into this picture? Some people say that there is no clear distinction between a solid and a liquid in general. A solid, they claim, should just be defined as a liquid with a very high viscosity. They set an arbitrary limit of poises above which they say it's a solid and below which it's a liquid.

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