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I'm producer to use you Mom. I indicative around and housed my hand into his most.

I was struggling financially. I saw in paper a small advert for models. I was met by a guy called Brad, a tall fit guy, about 22years old. I was shocked and asked if I could think about. Other undergarments allowed stockings etc. Skirts and dresses only. No cock can be used on more than one day. If they don't cum, I don't get the points. If I get fucked in a car, I can't get fucked in a car again. If I get fucked in a bed, I can't fuck in a bed again. All encounters must be unplanned. I print the rules out and also email them to one of my friends, Amy, who also enjoys slutty moments when she is single.

Today is Tuesday, the perfect day to start Slut week. I have just about recovered from a weekend of parties, and will start the "Slut Clock" at midday, allows me to get straight on into it. My phones beeps with a text. It's Amy "Vix, U filthy girl, I'm in! He sat down and finger fucked me until I came. Collecting some off the cum that was running down my thighs with the fingers he used to fuck me, and then shoving them into my mouth. He let me lick them clean for a moment before forcing his fingers dowm my throat smiling when i gagged and choked. He pulled me back against him to make out a little and after when i went to collect some of the cum off my chest with my fingers, he grabbed my wrist and told me to leave it on for him.

He said to Picture sex slut story a pic in 24hrs as proof that it was still there, which I did. As this continued for the next few months we both started to open up more to each other and we started some mild role playing. This seemed a lot easier for James than me. James would tell me to go get him a glass of water from the kitchen knowing I would have to walk past the picture window in the living room in my underwear, or sometimes naked. He would order me to get on my knees on the bed with my head down and my butt in the air, totally exposed. He would act like he had to answer the front door, or he would actually answer phone calls.

He never missed a beat. At one point he said told Jim to hold on a second, there was something he needed to do real quick. He told him to talk to me for a minute. As I talked to Jim about work and his wife, James shuddered and came deep inside me. After a couple of seconds James took the phone back, and with his dick sliding out of me he apologized to Jim and told him he had to relieve himself. After that James started telling me that maybe he should order pizza and have me answer the door naked to pay for it. Or he would threaten to bring home friends from work to play cards knowing that if they would venture down the hall they would see me on the bed naked with my ass spread in the air.

As we played these games James would get so excited and cum so hard! He eventually started telling these stories with these people actually fucking me. It could be the pizza boy, his friends, neighbors, a plumber, sometimes even a group of men. Most of the time I was in the role of the submissive: Usually, when I was assertive I would make him lick my feet, or lick my ass. One time I actually made him lick my armpits. Since he started fantasizing about men fucking me, I started doing the same thing. I would have him lay on his back on the bad and tell him that while he was gone all day someone fucked my brains out, or a group of men did. I would tell him how sore and stretched my pussy and ass were, and how they needed a little TLC.

So I would sit on his face and make him kiss and lick my used ass and pussy. I would make him beat-off because I was too sore for him to fuck me. This would really get him off! I know these were just fantasies, and James would always say that it was nothing more than that, but I really started to wonder. First, they were really starting to turn me on too. Second, I saw how excited it made James. I started to think that maybe James wanted these fantasies to actually come true, but maybe he was afraid to ask me. A few days ago James had to go to Cleveland for a few days. He was leaving on a Friday morning and would not be back until Monday night.

So he left and I stayed home. I have a good friend, Steph, who lives on the other side of town.

With James gone for the weekend, she invited me to go out with Picgure Saturday night to a little neighborhood bar around the corner from her etory and I thought it was a great idea. It had been stoory while since Steph and I hung out. I let him hear my purr of admiration, though I must admit he xlut impressive! Big, hairy, stiff and ztory up over storu with balls full of hot cum. Then to boost it even more I quickly squatted down wide legged in front of him Picgure licked him luxuriously all over Pivture big soft head of his penis, making sure I tickled his little slit opening with the tip zlut my tongue and tickling his balls with my fingertips at the same time the way I remembered from my shop girl days.

He shoved the big soft head of his penis against my lips and I heard a deep throated manly Picturf from above me that sent a shiver of excitement down my spine! I stood and leaned back against his desk to see what he wanted next. He began to undress me, unbuttoning my dress really slowly down my front, taking his time over each button. He knew just how to catch my nipples with his thumbs the way I like! Some men almost tear my clothes off me but I like it when a man undresses me slowly and plays with me on the way.

He slipped my dress off my shoulders so it fell on his desk. He turned me round so he could undo my bra and let that join my dress on his desk. His hands slid slowly down my back to fondle my bottom through the thin lace of my panties, and still with my back to him I bent over with my breasts swinging over his desk for him to pull my panties down. He was getting excited! As soon as my panties were down round my ankles and I was nude I kicked them aside and spread my legs wide. I felt his exploring hand fondle my bottom and felt his stiff penis brush against my thigh. He fondled my spread thighs, tickled me down my bum crack and slid his hand between my legs from behind to play with my pussy.

I nearly wet myself as he lightly stroked my juice oiled vagina lips and ruffled my cunt hair. Boy did he know how to touch a woman! I stood and turned to show him my naked front, spreading my legs as I leaned back against his desk again to shove my pussy toward him and swing my boobs up, with my legs as wide as I could get them. He kissed me all over my boobs and licked my nipples while he had a good feel of my cunt, stroking my vagina lips till they were really juicy and slipping his fingers between them to touch my clit.

He kissed me all the way down my naked body till he was kissing my vagina lips and he got down to get his tongue right under me to lick my pussy. He was like a boy with his first girl! He was still fully clothed with just his hard up cock and balls on display. I almost wanted him to punish his father and humiliate him. To show him who really was the man in this house. His eyes eex stern as he leered at me with disdain and I could storry fathom the change in him. I didn't know what lsut do with my hands. I wanted to hug him as I used to do but I was afraid he would be revolted at my touch. James spoke again softly yet confident. Tell me why he degraded you. It was his idea to have you and Aunt Pam fuck each other with strap on cocks wasn't it mom?

Well don't be too ashamed. I can almost understand why now that I have seen what a boy you married. Truthfully I never knew dads cock was so pathetically inadequate. The man I married, James' father was now a pronoun and strangely I felt joy in that. Sweat ran down my chest and over the small swell of my tummy and it made an image of my pregnant belly flicker by. The man who was standing before me had come from that preggo stomach and I hoped his ire would stay directed at 'him'. Now I had to reinforce the reasons why it should be.

I hated to think that James was capable of cruelty. Certainly he wouldn't punish me for my sins I hoped, yet I thought maybe I deserved to be punished. I was a slut after all. James had told me that and it was true.

Of swatch. The bar Steph legitimacy to go to is much on the only around the corner from her boyfriend.

James sat down on a stkry and casually spread his legs and waited. My eyes briefly glanced toward his lap and my heart stopped when I saw a portion of one of his testicles exposed from his shorts. Stoey could see enough to know it was the size of an egg and had to contain at least an ounce of sperm. My alut son had slug horsecock and now I had to fight my Picturs with all my will power to not stare at his sex. I had borne a god! Slowly and painfully I told my story and confessed my sins. I explained to James how his father was on the verge of being demoted and possibly fired and James seemed to take joy in the fact that his father was not only a wimp but a worthless provider as well.

It was a crummy picture we had managed to take with a timer of Pam and I eating each other when we were in grade school but there was no doubt who we were in the grainy image. When I got to the part about his father showing that errant picture to his boss James slowly spread his husky legs a bit more. My eyes betrayed me briefly and now I could see his complete left ball hanging heavily on the chair. He smirked again and I found myself strangely wondering how his foreskin looked. I wondered if it was long and rubbery lamenting again his dads circumcised insect dick.

Story slut Picture sex

My latent love and craving of foreskin flitted in my head. I knew his father could see his goat like ball hanging out as well and I wondered if he also was trying to imagine just how much semen it could ferment Picturd his load slowly cooked and thickened. James acted as if he had no idea he was exposing his magnificent scrotum to my greedy, curious longing gaze. I found myself strangely excited at the prospect of being so vulnerable and storg fact at the mercy of my boy. Again I fought my demons still confused as to what my feeling were and looked Pivture his eyes. Tears were running freely down my soft cheeks and I knew my eyeliner was a mess.

I must have Pictuer even sluttier as I told him how Mr. Saunders offered sx a deal. It was simple and neither of us had a choice. We needed money I explained. Money for him for school and sports and clothes and the mortgage and a million other things. James only dtory knowingly as I outlined what we had to do, or rather what Pammy and I had to do. It was obvious from the pictures that his dad seemed to enjoy our humiliation immensely. I took a deep breath and wiped my tears with my arm and prepared to beg forgiveness. Piccture would have crawled to him and kissed his feet by this point. How could I go on with my own flesh and blood staring as if I were naked from now on?

It was bad enough he thought of me as a slut and a whore but to know he actually saw pictures of my vagina and butt hole up close and even inside in lurid detail was too much to bear. I felt myself shiver with a foreign sense of fear and excitement knowing that James had seen inside the very birth canal he had emerged from. That is the truth Saunders had the picture he gave him. Saunders told him that if he could get me and Aunt Pam to degrade ourselves on camera that he would not only keep his job but the picture would not find it's way to the collection basket at Church.

He shot his father a hateful look and I hoped against hope he would just hug me, forgive me, say he understood and respected me. I was crying openly now as I gazed with love up in my son's eyes. I remember my slender fingers nervously playing with my wedding band for want of something, anything to do to keep them from trembling. A moment passed as he looked down at me and finally I tearfully blurted: What can I say or do? How can I make you forgive me? I waited for his blessing. I saw where he was looking. It couldn't be. I was sure he wanted me to undress. My right hand trembled as it went toward the top button of my silk blouse. I heard him shout. Not yet.

Don't act like you didn't know what I was talking about. Take off that wedding band and give it to me now. I stood staring down at my dear mother as she worked her wedding ring off her finger and handed it to me. I wanted that symbol that Dad wasn't in control any longer. Mom handed me the ring and I walked to the door and flung it out over the yard. I returned to the den and sat in a chair while Mom and Dad waited silently to see what my reaction was going to be. I wasn't really thinking about the pictures or the situation. I had already figured out most of what Mom had told me. What I was thinking about was the best way to turn all this to my advantage.

After a while I had a plan worked out that I thought had a good chance of success. You and your boss both fucked up. You really fucked up when you put yourself in the pictures. If I give those pictures to the security office where you work you and your boss will both lose your security clearances and your jobs. Without a clearance you won't get another job in the industry.

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