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Tully Smyth flies to Melbourne to spend time with ex Anthony Drew

Jade was cast in Week 5 where she took dasar with Economies On day 37, the data represented. On day 9 Ben had to sell Big Pipeline in an overview to become his life assistant, and did the basis.

Tahan grouped into the Safe Cooling on Day 9 different survived nominations but conventional to the Halfway Novel on Day 16 after being managed by her advisor planners, this time with 12 world points. After she got, Caleb and Tahan asymptotic their presentations back.

These monetary fines were subtracted from the household budget rather than from the prize money, while the Punishment Room remained. In Big Brother there was a small, rectangular shaped room, seroes to the lit. This room was the Naughty Corner. This room was similar bkg the Punishment Room of the sixth and housemafes series. The eighth and ninth Tjlly featured no fines system at all. Instead, Big Brother used the original striking system brothet frequently that meant when a housemate received three strikes they were evicted. Nominations[ edit ] A fundamental and strongly-enforced rule of Big Brother Australia austealia that nominations, and the use of the Twistare not to be discussed at all.

Specifically, all housemates are forbidden from disclosing to other housemates who they have previously nominated, who they plan to nominate in the future, or who their Twist has been used on; and they must not engage in conjecture about who may attract nomination votes and why. This time, she wasn't saved and was finally forced to face the public vote. The house was shocked when Jasmin was the one who was evicted. On Day 30's Nominations, Mikkayla received just 3 votes all 3 came from Ed. However, due to the spread of the votes, it was enough to make her equal sixth. However, on Day 32, Tim won Thursday's Showdown and was given the power to save a nominee and sacrifice a safe housemate.

Tim sacrificed himself and saved Mikkayla. This was the third time Mikkayla had been saved by the Nomination Twist and the fourth time she had survived Eviction despite originally being nominated. In Week Six's Nominations, Mikkayla received 4 votes 2 from Matt, 2 from Tullyhowever 4 was all that was needed to ensure she was nominated yet again. However, Mikkayla won Week Six's showdown and won the power to save a nominated housemate and sacrifice a safe housemate. Mikkayla chose to save herself and put Ben up for eviction.

This was the fourth time Mikkayla had been saved by the Nomination Twist and the fifth time she had survived Eviction despite originally being nominated.

The following week, Mikkayla dqting. faced eviction after receiving 7 points. The housemates believed it to be a double australiia, where in actual fact the housemate with the highest votes would go into a safe house. Mikkayla received In Week 8, Mikkayla received only 2 votes coming from Tully which meant for the first time since entering the house, Mikkayla was safe after nominations. Big Brother announced the Showdown winner could only save a nominee, not sacrifice a safe housemate, which meant Mikkayla was safe another week.

In a highlight week for Mikkayla, her rival Tully was evicted by the public. In Week 9, there was no nominations and Big Brother announced that all Housemates would be up for eviction. The eviction took place on Wednesday of Week Ten and Mikkayla received However, Mikkayla watched on as her closest allies Katie and Lucy were evicted. Mikkayla had a rough time with intruder Justynn during the "everybody-nominated" period. The two fought over the shopping list and power in the house. When the Housemates thought they were voting in the intruder eviction, Mikkayla voted to save Nathan and evict Justynn.

In Week Ten's nominations, Mikkayla only received two points, meaning she was safe from eviction for another week. On day 74 Mikayla was nominated for evicton with Tahan and Boog despite winning the nominations superpower. Mikkayla was evicted on day 80 after receiving Clooney to fellow house mate Ed. Nathan[ edit ] Nathan Little, aged 35, is a video producer and musician who entered the Big Brother House as an intruder on Day 58, the latest Big Brother Australia has ever allowed intruders to enter the house. He was the first contestant in the history of Big Brother worldwide to sacrifice his spot in the game for another housemate on Day He was unaware which of the two intruders would take his spot until the public vote was calculated Tully and drew are they dating.

list of big brother australia housemates series wikipedia days later and deemed to be Madaline. Rohan was sent directly to the Halfway House after being nominated for eviction on Day 16 with 9 nomination points. Sharon[ edit ] Sharon Smith, aged 52, married with three children, entered the Safe House on Day 0 and was the seventh housemate to enter on Launch night. The same day, Tahan decided to cross the divide. As a result, she had to return all her clothes to Big Brother where they were kept until Day 3. Tahan moved into the Safe House on Day 9 having survived nominations but returned to the Halfway House on Day 16 after being nominated by her fellow housemates, this time with 12 nomination points.

They failed; only Ben and Matthew believed that they were married, and they were nominated for eviction. On day 9, after the nomination results were announced the nominees were sent to the Halfway House. On day 10 Tahan volunteered to answer a question from Big Brother, unaware that he wanted her to save a nominated housemate from eviction replacing them with someone else. She swapped Mikkayla for Heidi; they changed sides, and Mikkayla no longer faced eviction. On day 9, the housemates submitted their first nominations. Mikkayla, Sharon, Jasmin and Tim received the most nominations, joining Drew and Jade as this week's housemates nominated for eviction.

The nominated housemates had to move into the Halfway House later that day. Week 3 Entrances On Day 17 a dog, Mr. Clooney had access to all of the Big Brother House including the Safe and Halfway Housesgoing from house to house through a doggy door in the fence separating the two houses. Tasks On day 16, the housemates began their third weekly shopping task: Big Brother's Ice Cream Shop. To complete the task, the housemates had to deliver accurate ice-cream orders from memory to Big Brother in the time allowed. On day 17 they failed, with one more than the maximum five errors. On day 17 Katie and Lucy received a Diary Room Challenge to play charades, with half or more answers correct winning luxury items.

If they failed they would receive only basic items, but they succeeded in the task. On day 19, the housemates participated in their third weekly Showdown. Twists After the day nominations, the nominees moved into the Halfway House. On day 17 a box appeared on the kitchen table labeled, "Do not touch under any circumstances"; it was then revealed to be a game of pass-the-parcel. The housemates had to play except Xavier, who was in charge of the music and Mikkayla, the winner, could swap a person from the Halfway House for another from the Safe House.

Mikkayla chose to save herself, replacing herself with Matthew who became a nominee. Week 4 Tasks On day 23 the housemates began their fourth weekly shopping task, the Yes-No Challenge, in which they had to agree to every task Big Brother asked them to do. If they succeeded, they earned pass balls to use in a lottery which was chosen at the end of the task. On Day 25, the lottery was chosen and the housemates passed. On day 24, Drew and Tim played Our Little Secret to obtain luxury items for a seafood platter for the weekly family dinner.

At the end of this task the platter was served to the housemates, with or without some or all of its original ingredients. On day 24, the housemates participated in the fourth weekly Showdown. Jade, the winner, earned the save-and-replace ability and a night in the Presidential Suite with Katie and Lucy her choice. Twists On day 23, after the announcement of nomination results the nominated housemates were sent to the Halfway House. On day 24 the Halfway House and Safe Housemates joined to make one house, with all housemates moving to the Safe House, and a new bedroom was unveiled.

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Nominations On day 23, Tuply housemates nominated. On day 24, after winning this week's Showdown, Jade received the save-and-replace ability. Each week the winner of the datinf. competition or Showdown will have the ability to save one of the nominated housemates and directly nominate a replacement. Fake Eviction: He was then sent to the Presidential Suite to live before returning to the Main House. Intruders and Intruder Eviction: Two sets of intruders entered the house, one male set and one female set.

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