Improving sex drive with antidepressants. saving your sex life when youre depressed.

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How to Have a Sex Life on Antidepressants

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Updated June 5, kieferpix via Getty Images For the more than 16 million Americans living with depression, antidepressants are often an option in providing some relief from their symptoms. However, as with any new medication, side effects are common. And that means for some, sex is impossible. As with most health-related medication, knowledge is power.

Fortunately, there is a quick fix: Fool Around for Longer The sexual side effects of both depression and depression treatment are highly personal. For some people, arousal might simply take a bit longer than it used to. And few people complain when their partner spends more time on foreplay! Plan on taking your time and playfully experimenting to find out what feels good. An added bonus: Explore Erotica Foreplay not doing the trick? Those taking antidepressants that exit the body quicklylike Paxil and Zoloft, could be in luck.

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Switch It Up Switching to a different medication, with the support of your prescribing clinician, may make all the difference. Certain antidepressants have a greater incidence of sexual side effects than others. Commonly prescribed SSRIs associated with a high frequency of sexual dysfunction include paroxetine Paxilsertraline Zoloft and fluoxetine Prozac. Besides exploring the SSRI class, venturing into atypical antidepressant territory is another option. It takes two to tango, so you both should feel equally satisfied during your intimate times together. Feeling comfortable and supported is necessary to letting go under the sheets. Experiment and Explore Want to take your intimate time to the next level?

Have more fun, because, yes, sex should be fun! Stuck in the same rhythm and routine? Switch it up and try something new! Experiment with other sex toys: Clamps can help to bring back sensation to the nipples and clitoris. Maybe even use butt plugs and lubricant to excite the senses further. Be mindful: Becoming more present in the moment and noticing each and every touch can heighten even the smallest sensation. Watch or listen to porn: Immerse yourself in your favourite porn alone or with a partner. Get turned on by the sounds as well as the visuals to encourage a state of arousal.

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Audio-porn is great for letting your imagination to roam free to find that dopamine hit. Explore your fantasies: This lie your chance to really fantasise and day dream about what turns you on the most. Find ones that your body responds to, even if they may be slightly taboo. Write them down and create your own erotic fiction.

Maybe even think about exploring them with a consenting partner. Sometimes, just discussing them with someone can help to turn you on. Sex parties:

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