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Ending the Epic Battle for Overlay Icons

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But the default setting in TSVN's ShowLog is to 'Stop on copy', jpdating means that wkndows you look at the history, it only goes Tortosiesvn to the branch point. The reason for this is that when you are looking at a real branch of a project, mostly you only want to see the history of that branch. To see the whole history in ShowLog you need to unselect the 'Stop on copy' checkbox and click on 'Get All'. This is by design. One entry is for the link itself the. This way a link can both be versioned and in the same time work as a link should by allowing operations on its target. In fact, you can have up to three entries in the file menu the context menu will show only two.

7 Tortoisesvn updating icons not windows

uppdating Yes, but with some limitations. You can use "File Externals" to pull in winrows files from a different part of the same repository as your working copy, but not from a foreign repository. You can also share folders, and these can be from any repository. Please look at the chapter External Definitions in the Subversion Book. Is it possible to use TortoiseSVN without a server? Yes, it is. You can use the file: However we strongly recommend that you do this only for testing.

For a more detailed explanation please refer to this FAQ entry. If you want to automate access to your repository without user interaction i. How does the revision graph work? The revision graph is a little bit special, it's not like the other features found in TortoiseSVN. It shows a graph of a file or folder through the history with all the revision where the file or folder was copied, moved, branched or tagged. We often get people asking questions why it needs to get the log for the repository root, or why it needs to get the full log from the HEAD revision back down to the first revision. Just to make this clear: The revision graph shows the history of a selected file or folder by finding all revisions where the selected item was copied.

And the graph has to do that by using the information that is available. If you look at the log messages for your selected file or folder, you can see in the lower pane of the log dialog all affected paths of the selected revision. That information is what we use for the revision graph. You will also notice that if you just show the log for e. That means, the graph would not just be incomplete, it would be wrong. And no: Because there's nothing worse than a graph that's only sometimes correct - you would never know when and if it is correct, which means it would be worse than useless.

Since SSH completely takes care of the authentication process, Subversion won't even see the author who does the commit. So to tell Subversion an author you have to specify the author in the URL itself. Why does TortoiseSVN not recognize that a file has been modified? If you have modified a file, but TortoiseSVN does not recognize that the file has been modified, please first check whether the file really differs from what you have in your working copy. If you know for sure that the file has modifications and it still does not show up as modified in the commit dialog, make sure that the file 'last modification' date has changed some tools like hex editors like to reset that time if the svn: Easy, you commit the whole directory!

Right-click in the Explorer window next to the file, and choose commit. The commit dialog will show you every modification as well as added or deleted files. After upgrading to TortoiseSVN 1. If that does not help or you can't upgrade, allow readonly files to be deleted in the SAMBA config file: For older versions, try: There is a supplementary problem with making files with the svn: If you have mapped network drives which are not resolved, either because the drive is inaccessible, or you have not logged in, file browsing may become unresponsive while Windows tries unsuccessfully to access the drive. Either unmap the drive or ensure that it can be accessed.

The bugtraq: The repository browser does not read the properties, because that is a very slow operation if done remotely. It's only fast enough when read from a local working copy.

If TortoiseSVN would read those properties directly from the repository, it could take several seconds even minutes! Showing the log often nott. The log cache relies on all repositories having different uuids. A detailed explanation about why and what you can do about this is here: We're aware that many Subversion hosting companies made the mistake of not creating new repositories for customers but simply copied a template repository. If you're using such a hoster, please tell them to fix this problem. When I update a working copy, new files are not added! Between TortoiseSVN 1. This lead to a so called "sparse checkout" of that part of your working copy.

Please update to the latest version of TortoiseSVN to avoid such problems in the future.

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To fix your sparse working copy, instead of "Update", use the "Update to revision Our release policy is Tortoisesvn icons not updating windows 7 never introduce new features or resource changes on the stable branch. We work on the trunk, where we fix bugs, introduce new features or change the behavior of features. Only important bugfixes are merged back to the stable branch, and the stable branch is where we create our releases from. We have this policy to prevent getting new bugs into the stable branch.

After all, it's called the stable branch. That's why you don't see the change in the latest release. You can use a nightly build if you feel adventerous though: This causes TortoiseSVN to think that there are versioned files in the bin directory. But Eclipse has its very own subversion plugin called Subclipse, which makes Eclipse SVN-aware and fixes the problem at source. You can find it at http: After you install Subclipse you need to make a fresh checkout. It will not fix checkouts that were made before it was installed. Security warnings when uploading files in Internet Explorer When you select files to upload using a web form in Internet Explorer, you may get security warnings saying that a program is trying to open web content, identifying TortoiseSVN as the culprit.

These are the tiny additions displayed at the lower left corner of the symbols for files and folders in the Windows explorer, like the small arrow that indicates a shortcut. Some third-party tools like TortoiseGit or Dropbox make also good use of them to show the state of the files in the registry or the cloud, like whether the file has been changed, is not yet synchronized and so on. The problem is: Windows has only 15 slots available for such overlay icons. Yes, even in the latest Windows 10, you still only have 15 slots. While all the Tortoise clients share the same icons, these are already 9 of the available slots.

This means that in the end, not all overlay icons will be displayed. Windows simply sorts the registered overlay icons alphabetically in the registry and uses only the first 15 of them. Soon, software vendors found that there is a simple trick to get their icons into the top 10 of the overlay icons in front of all the others, just by prepending the icon names with a blank. This of course spurred an absurd arms race of vendors prepending names with more and more blanks in order to overtrump others already using this trick. The Tortoise clients finally gave up adding blanks, with the annoying consequence that whenever there was an update of one of the cloud clients, and they re-registered their icon handlers with a nasty amount of blanks, my so useful overlay icons for the Tortoise clients disappeared.

The problem is caused by the number of overlays permitted in different versions of Windows. Vista bit appears to support 15 overlay types, whereas Windows 7 bit supports Installing a program which adds its own icon overlays can therefore disable them in another application. Windows registers 3 icon overlays this may differ between versions. Tortoise registers another 9. So Windows 7 bit users will only be able to view Tortoise icons if at least 4 non-Dropbox overlay types are removed from the system.

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