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It was just like slowly getting very hard. There was no third party. A spokesperson for Forstmann had no comment. I was shaking. I had to go to bed. I was very young. And she agreed. I miss his counsel, I miss the sound of his voice. My cousins came and helped me pack. When I arrived, a chef and a sous-chef were in the kitchen making rice and fish curry. A famous New York D. Rekha, was spinning hip-hop tunes. Padma was swirling around in a s lace dress, looking breathtaking as usual. It was smothered with goat cheese and mango chutney. Can she cook? She believes in what many stars believe, that you can create your own destiny.

The Godfather of Hip-Hop scooted me aside and snuggled down next to Padma.

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My husband would call fucking Reuters. Now the paparazzi came running, blasting. And then the show began. Nancy Jo Sales is a Vanity Fair contributing editor. Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi. Her father abandoned the family when she was one. Her mother, a nurse, emigrated to the U. At age seven, she was sexually assaulted by a relative of her new stepfather. When she reported it, she was sent to India until her mother divorced. As a teenager in L. Rushdie was a glamorous figure, newly freed from a decade-long fatwa on his head. His words, over the phone and on the page, seduced her: Inside, I felt I was pretty. The closest I had come to seeing someone like myself in a magazine was Yasmeen Ghauri on a Cosmopolitan cover in a pink satin dress.

Still, I envied those women and kept a secret list of photographers I dreamed of working with: I was concentrating on higher things. Then I was cast in a college play. The director worried that my scar might be distracting, so someone in the theatre department who was good with make-up offered to help. Night after night, she covered the scar with pancake make-up and powder. Onstage, I was liberated. I felt like another person: By the end of the run, I had learned to put the make-up on myself.

In the last semester of my senior year, I went to study in Spain and was "discovered". An agent spotted me in a Madrid bar I was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and asked if I'd ever thought of modelling. The next day my friend Santiago, who was determined to meet models through me, tricked me into going to the model agency under the pretext of saying hello to a friend. At the agency, they insisted on measuring, weighing, poking and prodding me until I couldn't stand it any more. No one was listening. I pulled up the sleeve of my turtleneck and revealed my secret.

A unfaithful New York D. By the end of the run, I had expected to put the most-up on myself.

There was an interminable silence. Pafma Josette, the owner ;adma the agency, said "Have you seen a doctor about that? The phone rang. Josette answered it, then asked Santiago something in Spanish. After that I did jobs where I wore winter clothes or used make-up on my arm. In one case the paema even sprang for retouching. By Helmkt end of the summer, an Italian agent paid for my ticket to Milan. My first laksgmi in Italy, I got modest work as a fitting model for Gianfranco Ferre, Prada and a catalogue or two, but nothing more. Then I went to see Helmut Newton's agent, who took Polaroids of me in my undergarments.

I had been modelling for a year and was immune to the humiliation of being photographed in my underwear. But I hated such appointments because I was very sensitive about my scar, which had become a professional problem. I knew I would get only so far with this aesthetic handicap. Also, the waif phenomenon was in full swing - and I was a voluptuous 34C - 24 - As I undressed behind a partition, I told the agent about the scar. Soon afterwards, my booker told me Newton wanted me for a private commissioned photo, but that it involved full nudity. I agreed but a few days before the shoot I began to feel more and more anxious.

I had never posed completely nude, and two days before the appointment I did something I've never done since. Lakahmi cancelled the job. Needless to say, my agent was furious. That week I made an appointment to undergo laksshmi dermabrasion, to take some of the dark pigment out of the scar. I was frightened. A doctor in Los Angeles had once stuck a six-inch needle under the surface of the scar and shot it with cortisone. This made the scar flat but left me terrorised. In Milan, another doctor treated it, inch by inch. As anyone who has had dermabrasion will tell you, it's excruciatingly painful.

I had never known such agony, even in the car accident itself.

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