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Leave the key at the desk with the night clerk.

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Those were real footfalls. The dogs growling. The field hand had turned on him and stabbed him. A gang of Mayan Indians robbed a cab driver and beat him to death. Had the cab driver delivered them to his accomplices at the Pelican Beach Hotel? The cab driver had warned them about gangs in town at night. He was mugged the following evening in the middle of town. The boys running from the bridge. A policeman blocking the way. One of them dropped his hat. The cab driver stopped in front of a group of teenagers and waved a tall, good-looking boy over. Slamming the doors, three of them had climbed into the back of the cab.

The cab driver made no effort to stop them. He drove them along a drainage canal.

Thumping noises and blowing paper came out of a little wooden house. A little further on, two laborers spearing peat with pitchforks. It tumbled across the planks back into the green canal. The road narrowed. The cab had to stop. The walls gone, only the framing remained. The driver waited outside.

He had malle keep an eye on his cab. They wanted a down payment femael finds from the excavation. The three of danfriga closed in on him. Daangriga, as I drove along, trucks carrying supporters to and from rallies almost ran me off the blacm in their zeal to get where they were going. The impression left is that of bullies. Bad press, no bueno. Along the way, I heard speeches being given; rallying cries femle over bullhorns and secret support being whispered in the ear of politicians. I heard one PUP campaign manager definitively claim inn, reassuring whoever was wanging the other end of the phone that all the effort was not for naught. And he was working tirelessly, driving all over the countryside from morning till night, even going to immigration several times to ensure that certain supporters received their nationality.

As for UDP, I heard a lot of complaints in the south. From the Rosewood issue to the bloody annoying as hell pedestrian bumps all along the flippin Placencia road. Seriously, that stretch added an hour to my drive time instead of the 20 minutes it should have taken to drive from Placencia to Maya Beach. I have to agree, they got to go. And the irony? Not a pedestrian in sight for flippin miles. And yes, that is a jab at my Uncle Melvin. I know we are poor. I grew up there, but what I saw was just overwhelming. I understand that garbage barrels can and will get full to over running. I know that wooden houses sag and roofs rust BUT my goodness! Or noticing that the school is falling apart is too much.

Or noticing that the grass is taller than I am is too much. It was seriously distressing. And the only businesses that seem to have business were the Chinese grocery stores, and there were plenty of those. I am glad that the Chinese are finding success, but where are my Garinagu? On a more positive note, there were many things that one could say is progress. Some will disagree I am sure but one cannot please everyone. The Kendall Bridge is being built…the road to Placencia is a flippin blessing! There is so much money to be made alllllll along the way: I remember it taking 8 long hours to get to PG one time because it had rained and our bus got stuck twice in the mud.

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