How to hook up trailer lights to your truck

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Trailers with electric brakes need them tariler. It is usually used yourr towing a heavy-duty landscaping trailercar trailer, boat trailer, horse trailer, travel trailer, construction trailerand larger trailers. With all the abuse and day-to-day tto and tear, you may find yourself repairing or replacing one sooner or later. We are going to do our best to yohr that, mainly with a good, color coded diagram. Download this guide, print it and keep it in your toolbox for future reference. When referencing the 7-Way RV Plug diagram, make sure you are looking at the plug the way the diagram is showing you.

Having the wires backwards will cause problems. Turn on the vehicle's parking lights to test the wires. Step 3 Touch the test light to the wires in the wire harness at the back of of the vehicle. This will help you find the wire that will operate the tail lights. Once the test light has a steady light, connect the brown wire to the wire that generated a constant light. Step 4 Turn off the parking lights.

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Crank the vehicle's engine, and turn on the right turn signal. Tag trailrr wire with its function as you identify it. Now you can Hkw off the running lamps and activate the left turn signal. Identify which circuit is the blinker, and repeat for the right turn signal. Wire all to the connector. Separate But Not Equal A few vehicles use separate lamps for the brake and the turn-signal functions of the rear lights. That's fine--until you realize the trailer uses a single 2-filament bulb for all three functions. Adding another taillamp housing to the trailer is one option, but a simpler solution exists. Your trailer-rental place, and most auto parts stores, sell simple electronic adapters that will combine the brake-lamp and turn-signal functions.

It installs in the harness just before the trailer connector. Other Circuits Some larger trailers have a separate circuit for clearance or marker lights, which are separate from the running lights in the taillamp assemblies. You may need to add another circuit to handle them.

If you ohok to wire them in parallel with the customary pair of running lamps, you may overload the vehicle's headlamp switch--so you'll need to add a relay to handle the extra current. There also may be a volt circuit for running lights inside the trailer or for charging the trailer battery in the case of a travel trailer. This circuit probably will be hot whenever the engine is running, but it may be controlled by a switch on the dash. Be sure the wires are of a gauge large enough to handle the load a fully discharged deep-cycle trailer storage battery may draw 20 or more amps when you start the engine. The use of a battery isolator is strongly recommended.

This will prevent discharging the vehicle hok from the trailer, and prevent surges of current from overcooking the wiring or blowing a fuse. Whoa, Nellie This leads to the concept of electric trailer brakes. These are actuated by a controller in the vehicle that increases the voltage to the brakes proportional to the vehicle's deceleration. This requires a wire from the controller to the trailer brake. This is why some connectors have as many as seven pins, to make provisions for the multiple circuits. Use ga. If you have electric trailer brakes, there must be an auxiliary battery and a breakaway switch in the circuit to slow the trailer if it comes loose from the hitch.

Keeping It All Together How to make the connections? We've seen plenty of trailers lumbering down the road with blinking or dim lights.

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