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Inthe fifteenth anniversary of the Ju-On franchise, a new installment was released, titled Ju dating itself The Beginning of the End. The film is a reboot of the series that features a new backstory regarding the curse while still featuring the Saeki family as an integral part of the plot. The film was followed by a sequel, Ju-On: The Final, which served as the supposed final film in the series. Both films had no significant input from series creator Shimizu. Ina crossover film, Sadako vs. Kayako was announced. On March 20,it was announced that an American reboot was in the works, written by Jeff Buhler and produced by Sam Raimi, as with all previous American installments.

The film is set for a release and will be the only release in the franchise, other than The Grudge 3, to have a fully American setting. The story of these shorts was later further explored in two low-budget, V-Cinema, Japanese television movies inboth shot in the course of nine days. Three years later, due to the success of the videos, director Takashi Shimizu made a theatrical sequel to the V-Cinema videos, titled Ju-On: The Grudge. The highly acclaimed third installment is widely renowned and famous worldwide. Another sequel was released intitled Ju-On: The Grudge 2 or simply Ju-On 2. It is based on the first theatrical version of Ju-On, but it contains scenes re-enacted from all of the Ju-On movies.

Following The Grudge 2 and 3 released in Japan as Juon: White Ghost and Black Ghost were released in honour of the series' tenth anniversary.

Itself Ju dating

The Beginning of the End and 's Ju-On: The Final Curse are set in an alternate continuity that altered J of the series' original backstory. They are feeding rabbits at school when Kayako, the datibg in the series and the curse's fulfiller, attacks them both. Tsuyoshi comes to school to meet his girlfriend, Mizuho, and finds a mysterious ringing cell phone whose caller ID shows a strange number, The number 4 in Japanese is a homophone of the Japanese character for "death". The ghost of Toshio, Kayako's son and also one of the curse's fulfillers, appears and takes Tsuyoshi; his body is never found. The stories of Kanna and Tsuyoshi are further extended in Ju-On: The Curse.

In the rebootKayako is portrayed as a mildly mentally disordered howsewife married to Takeo Saeki, a businessman. The couple moved to the "house on the hill", both unaware that a boy was murdered there many years before. Lonely, Kayako always craved for having a child and was decided to have one even under Takeo's constant absence, keeping her desire in her journal.

When sleeping Kayako was visited by a dting boy who called her "mother" utself entered in her body. Kayako later found herself to be pregnant as she always wanted itselff promissed this would be a secret between her dqting her son, which Takeo should never discover. Toshio, however, grew up distant from Takeo which started to upset him. One day, Kayako was asked by her angered husband who was Toshio's father, to which she only mocked, answering the boy was only hers. Takeo then snapped her neck, killing Toshio and his cat afterwards. Afterlife The murders gathered a grudge curse in the Saeki house. KonishiToshio's teacher, visited them after Toshio's unexplained absence from school.

He met Kayako, who behaved strangely and repetitively told him Toshio was "resting". After Konishi was taken by the curse, the substitute teacher Yui noticed Toshio's absence and visited the Saeki house as well. Kayako invited her in and Yui asked for Toshio's whereabouts. Kayako only told her "his father took him" and that he would be back soon.

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The first lecture of this Session iteelf delivered by Dr. Tendencies in Contemporary Views on Religion and the Need for a Broader Perspective, whereby he urged the need for taking datinh a wider perspective in order to assert Sociology of Religion its rightful place. The next lecture was on the topic: Tracing Vaisnava Strains in Tagore. Joseph OConnell, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto, Canada pointed out the various connections and connotations as are depicted in the various works of Tagore. Each Session of the Seminar was followed by an interactive question-answer session.

The Seminar ended with a vote of thanks delivered by Dr. The seminar was a grand success. A Lecture on the Topic: Education in Prison", Date: Howard Davidson Howard S.

sating Davidson is a senior scholar, University of Manitoba,Canada. The idea datijg this meaning of Ju is "to be gentle", "to give way", "to yield", "to datinng, "to move out of harm's way". In Japanese this word means science or art. Striking techniques were seen as less important datinf most older Japanese systems because of the protection of samurai body armor and were used as set-ups for their grappling techniques. However, many modern-day jujutsu schools include striking, both as a set-up for further techniques or as a stand-alone action.

In jujutsu, practitioners train in the use of many potentially fatal moves. However, because students mostly train in a non-competitive environment, the risk is minimized. Students are taught break falling skills to allow them to safely practice otherwise dangerous throws. Schools and derivations[ edit ] As jujutsu has so many facets, it has become the foundation for a variety of styles and derivations today. As each instructor incorporated new techniques and tactics into what was taught to him originally, he codified and developed his own ryu school or Federation to help other instructors, schools, and clubs.

Some of these schools modified the source material enough that they no longer considered themselves a style of jujutsu.

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