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WWE's Maryse Says Husband The Miz Finding Work-Life Balance 'Harder Than He Thought' After Baby

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Emily Schromm came in to the show as the tomboy and the athletic one which is why it wasn't surprising when she killed the competitions on the Challenge seasons. She was seen romantically with one of her Real World cast members, Ty, where they shared common interests but like the rest of those flings, it ended because of drama and a lot of conflict. However, it was her physical strength that stood out the most. It was always obvious that Emily was destined for the fitness world. Today, you can catch her still on her athletic grind and join one of her fitness challenges. The Missouri native is now a personal trainer and nutritionist, along with her own fitness business and a huge Instagram "fitspo" sensation.

Emily is a big inspiration to millions in the health and fitness industries, offering her two-cents and professional advice.

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She is the perfect example of how athletic these competitors on the show really are. Sometimes they get underestimated but those challenges are no joke and Emily proves it. Eventually, she breaks up with Matt and gets with Patrick. For a while after the show ended, the two were pursuing a real relationship and not just their friends with benefits status that we watched on the show. But today, the Cancun Alumni has her own family with Kevin Stephens, giving birth just recently to a baby girl. She proudly announced the news on her Instagram, speaking on behalf of her newborn. My name is Naleigh J," Jonna wrote in the caption of an adorable photo of the baby.

I am so excited to finally be home, happy and healthy with my mom and dad. She works as a TV presenter and producer there which she enjoys sharing on her Instagram account. As followers continued to keep up with her completely different life from her real world days, they also got to find out the news of her new addition to her family. Fresh Meat. He was definitely the eye candy of that season and managed to do well as a competitor.

Monte has a quick, but he is not together with the current. He is also a good trade. Noor expenses in Las Vegas and rep in equity and advertising for a business, real estate, and checking reluctance.

Kenny believes it was his charisma and charm that won over the audience and other TV roles besides on MTV. Aside from entertainment, Kenny is also successful in the fitness industry. He mentions on his website that he plans to build his brand in the fitness industry. Prior to being an actress, she first appeared on our screens when she was a cast member for The Real World: The Inferno II. Although she was a quiet and drama-free roommate, she has completely turned heads around as the one with most successful career in media. Inshe married her long-term partner and actor, Bryan Greenberg, whom she first started dating in Sam lives in Chesapeake, Virginia, and is engaged.

Zach Nichols: Zach lives in Boston and is dating Real World: Thomas Brandon Kane: Brandon lives in Massachusetts and has a daughter. Brandon Swift: Swift lives in New Jersey and Philadelphia. LaToya Jackson: LaToya runs her own amateur radio show. Laura Waller: Laura lives in Omaha. Marie Roda: Marie lives in Staten Island and works as a sales executive for an online appointment-making company.

Robb Schreiber: Robb has a girlfriend. Trey Weatherholtz: Trey also has a girlfriend and lives in Baltimore. Follow him on Twitter at MTVtrey. Portland Anastasia Miller: Anastasia lives in Detroit, and recently released an EP on iTunes. Try to follow her on Twitter at QueenBirdness. Averey Mizaniin Averey broke up with her on-show sweetheart Johnny. She is a bartender. Jessica McCain: Jessica still lives in North Carolina, and is passionate about fitness. Follow her on Twitter at MtvJess. Johnny Reilly: Johnny broke up with on-show sweetheart Averey, and lives Muke Boston.

Joi moved to Las Vegas for work. Follow her on Twitter at PeaceLoveJoi. Jordan Wiseley: Marlon Williams: Marlon is focusing on challehge music career under the stage name Jay Dillinger, and has released a mixtape, an album, and several singles featuring some of his Portland roommates. Oudllet. Moore: The Ouellet. Adventure Allison Jones: Tney is unknown where Allison is today. Carlos lives in Los Angeles and wherd behind the scenes of movies and TV shows as a photographer and camera operator. Kit Hoover: Kit lives in California with her husband and son. She is a television host, known Mkke covering sports and entertainment. Follow her on Twitter at KitHoover.

Mark Long: Mark makes a living as a host and TV personality, and is also the owner and president of a nutritional supplement brand. Follow him on Twitter at TheMarkLong. Shelly Spottedhorse: Shelly is married, has children, and lives in Oklahoma. Road Rules: The Second Adventure Christian Breivik: Christian lives in Mizann, Norway, is engaged, and works for a consulting company. Devin Elston: Devin lives in Los Angeles, and looks very different; no more dreadlocks, a beard, and covered in tattoos. Emily Bailey: Emily is married and has a child.

Effie Perez: Effie is married, lives in Brooklyn, and is a chef. Timmy Beggy: Timmy resides in Santa Monica, California and is the head of development for an entertainment company, where he creates and produces popular television shows. Europe Antoine de Bouverie: Antoine is successful as the owner of his own art installation company. Belou den Tex: Belou lives in Amsterdam, and thet apparently married and has two daughters. She is still working xating her music career. Chris Melling: Chris is recently married and lives in New York City. He works for an investment company. Michelle Parma: Unfortunately, Michelle died on October 19, in a car crash.

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Down Under Chadwick Pelletier: Chadwick lives in Los Angeles and is the president and executive producer of his own entertainment company. He is married to Holly Brentson from Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. They have at least one child together. Christina Pazsitzky: Christina lives in Los Angeles with her comedian husband Tom Segura. She is a comedian, writer, and host. Follow her on Twitter at ChristinaP or check out her website at christinacomedy. Kefla lives in Atlanta and is a P. Follow him on Twitter at KeflaHare. Piggy Thomas: It is unknown where Piggy is today. Shayne McBride: Shayne is married and lives in Calgary, Canada. He is a marketing manager for a hospitality company.

Follow him on Twitter at shaynemcb. Susie Meister: Susie lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, who was a cameraman on her last Challenge, the Ruins, and her son Lincoln. Latin America Abe Ingersoll: Abe lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and works at a programming company. Brian Lancaster: Brian appears to have graduated with a master's degree from a university in Pittsburgh, and is in a relationship. Gladys Sanabria: Gladys has children and lives in Massachusetts. Holly Shand: Holly is married with a daughter and lives in San Francisco, where she works for a business company. Josh Florence: Josh lives in Dallas, is married, has a child, and is the owner of a local tavern. Sarah Martinez: Sarah lives in New Orleans with her husband and son.

She is a marketing director for the University of New Orleans. Semester at Sea Ayanna Mackins: Ayanna is married with children. She lives in the DC area. Pawel Litwinski: Pawel lives in Los Angeles, and is a photographer specializing in automobiles. Check out his website at litwinski. Pua Medeiros: She may have a child. Shawn Sealy: Shawn lives in North Carolina and has at least one child. Veronica Portillo: Veronica lives in San Francisco and works for a marketing company. Follow her on Twitter at veeveeportillo. Yes Duffy: Yes is married with a child, and lives in San Francisco, working as a designer for an architectural company.

Maximum Velocity Tour Holly Brentson: Down Under and their child. She works in sales and marketing. James Orlando: James lives in Washington, D. Kathryn Omeg: Kathryn is married with a child, and lives in San Francisco. She works for a software company. Laterrian Wallace: Laterrian is married with a middle-school aged child. Follow him on Twitter at latwall. Msaada Nia: Msaada is a casting assistant and filmmaker. Try to follow her on Twitter at msaadania. Theo Vonkurnatowski: Theo lives in Santa Monica, California and is primarily a stand-up comedian, but also a television host. Follow him on Twitter at TheoVon or check out his website at theovon. The Quest Adam Larson: Adam is married and lives in Los Angeles, working in marketing for a vodka company.

Follow him on Twitter at adamlarsonNH. Blair Herter: Blair is married and has a son. He is a television host and personality. Follow him on Twitter at blairherter.

Ellen Cho: Ellen is married with a child and lives in Chicago. Jisela Delgado: Jisela lives in Tampa and is engaged. Ruledthe has a child and is pregnant with another. Mizankn is a hwere supervisor for Verizon. Katie Doyle: Katie recently graduated from the University of Datinv, and got married in January She works for a production company. Follow dzting on Twitter at KatieDoyle Sophia Mizqnin Sophia lives in New York. Steve Meinke: Steve lives in Chicago and works as a freelance theg. He plays baseball for the Thailand National Baseball Team.

Campus Crawl Darrell Taylor: Darrell lives in Sacramento and has two children. Follow him on Twitter at mtvrrdarrell. Eric Jones: Eric lives in Los Angeles and is the director of mizannin development for Warner Wherf. Kendal Sheppard: Kendal is married and now goes by the name Kendal Darnell. She has two sons. Rachel Robinson: Rachel lives in Miami where workdroad owns her on fitness company and works as a trainer and fitness specialist. She also has a new girlfriend. Raquel Duran: Raquel lives in San Francisco. Sarah Greyson: Sarah lives in Los Angeles and is an actress. Shane Landrum: The next week on Raw, Miz lost to Rey Mysterio. They then cut a promo agreeing there was a conspiracy in the WWE keeping both of them out of the main event picture, and declared they would, together, seize any future opportunity.

After this, the entire WWE roster led by Triple H came out to find a way into the cell, before New Orleans Police Department officers were able to get the door open and arrest them. In the Royal Rumble match, Miz lasted the longest with over 45 minutes before he was eliminated by Big Show. Other criticisms were that Miz was "juvenile", lacking of depth, "grating and not endearing to the audience" and that "there was not that moment when he officially turned and aligned his values with the audience's". Moving TargetThe Miz returned as a villain for the first time sinceon the June 30 episode of Raw and immediately began to insult the crowd and taking on the gimmick of a movie star before being interrupted by the returning Chris Jericho, who defeated Miz in his return match.

At Battleground on July 20, Miz won a battle royal by lastly eliminating Dolph Ziggler to win the Intercontinental Championship for the third time. A graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Brown has partnered with the students to advocate for stricter gun safety legislation. She's still on reality television. San Diego," Cameran Eubanks was the party girl in the house. Today, Eubanks maintains a career in real estate in her native South Carolina. She married anesthesiologist, Jason Wimberly inand the couple welcomed a daughter, Palmer, in While Wimberly prefers to keep a low profile and remain out of the spotlight, Cameran is still mixing it up in front of the camera.

You can keep up with her as a member of the cast of Bravo's reality series, "Southern Charm. Chung in and San Diego.

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