Self updating windows applications

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Creating an Auto-updating Application in .NET/C#

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This is particularly true of drivers for graphics applicatiosn. Also, manufacturers release new drivers much more often than drivers get updated through Windows Update, and sometimes that can be important. Again, graphics card drivers provide a good example.

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When new games come out, manufacturers often optimize their drivers to be able to play those games better or fix bugs that prevent them from being played at all. Even seemingly simple things like mouse drivers can have extra features you might need. For example, some manufacturers include additional features in their drivers for controlling what buttons do, accessing better motion controls, or even programming macros. The best advice we can give is that you let Windows handle drivers for everything you can, but install manufacturer drivers when you know there are extra features you need.

The answer, of course, is that it depends on the manufacturer. The software notifies me when new drivers are available, and I can install them right from the interface. The manufacturer of your computer may also have drivers available from their website.

Usually, you can visit their site, locate your system, and see what drivers are available. Some websites can even install a small tool that lets them scan your computer and identify appropriate drivers. You can then choose which drivers you want to download and install. You can set it to update automatically by selecting Edit, Preferences, Updater and checking Automatically update and install. Updating JavaScript. Since JavaScript is a common attack vector for malware, your system will be safer if you don't have it enabled by default you can always re-enable it for individual PDFs that you deem nonthreatening.

At this point, all of your most critical apps are set to update automatically. Squirrel creates NuGet packages for the full installation and delta updates. Creating the installation and update packages The application has to be built and then packaged to a NuGet package.

apolications Squirrel comes with a Powershell cmdlet Squirrel --releasify that handles the creation of the release packages wiindows there on by Creating the full installation and delta NuGet packages Creating an executable installer Signing all the necessary executables The result of this are four files windowz have to be deployed to a server: An installer that the user runs when installing the software for the first time. NuGet package that contains the whole software. NuGet package that contains only the changed files in the latest version. A file that lists all the available versions and their nuget-package file sizes full and delta. This is where the majority of the logic will be held for the service.

This is our test harness. We will use this to validate the output of our service via the console.

Applications Self updating windows

This makes development and troubleshooting easier down the road. The service updater is a console application that will be launched when there is an update ready to be applied. This is intended to be done automatically by the service or a scheduled task, etc. Writing Code Service Updafing The service process is a class library that will be used to hook up at least two different front ends. This is rarely the case because an update may need to overwrite more than just a file. This is the best approach because they handle the entire update logic: Installation packages also simplify the Updater application.

With this type of updates the Updater needs only to detect available updates, download them and execute them. Updates works in two ways: It also supports silent installations, so all your Updater needs to do is execute the package with a command line parameter.

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