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In this day and age of liberal freedoms and self expression, somehow, we are still all shocked to learn that a super model who is dating a professional athlete has naked and sexual pictures.

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That an academy award-winning actress has a sex drive. That these women bude Justin Verlander, apparently have private sex lives that probably resemble Sexxy of our own, whether we want to admit it or not except you're not banging Sexy nude slut Upton, and I'm not banging Verlander. Though my mother did check in to make sure he wasn't one of my few baseball conquests of days past. This whole slut-shaming and pearl-clutching thing, it's got to stop. At some point we all have to admit out loud what we all already know: Or girl.

Or someone they were interested in. That most women have sex and enjoy it and aren't ashamed of it or their bodies and enjoy little reminders of the things they've done or in my case, how I looked, ha. We're talking boobs and cootches here, not people raping children or murdering kittens. Guess what, ladies? As I think we all know, we've all got the same parts.

Nude slut Sexy

They might look a little different -- you could probably fit seven of my boobs into one of Kate Upton's bra cups, for example -- but we've all got the same tools. How we use them, as long as it's safe and by choice, is our own business. You want to take nude pics of your boobs and abs like me? Want to take awkward naked prom-pose pictures? Go for it. It's your body and your choice as to what you enjoy doing with it or who you enjoy showing it to. And while these ladies and Verlander's privacy was violated, that doesn't give everyone a free pass to assume just because our pictures haven't landed on the web that we're any better or smarter or less slutty than anyone involved.

We're just not as interesting. Find me a woman today under the age of 30 who hasn't taken one nude or semi-nude selfie. Find me a woman who hasn't stood in front of a mirror taking 30 shots to get just that right angle and lighting. And above all, find me a guy who has the balls to say it to my face that the women who send you the pics are the sluts, while you're just the innocent victim, full of morality. Because I'm sure if I put you're name out there, you'll never get a single interesting picture from a girl again. Good job. Being sexually active and having a private, personal documentation of that activity doesn't make one morally loose or slutty or a whore.

It doesn't make a woman or man stupid or naive or unintelligent. It doesn't mean they have no respect for themselves and it doesn't mean the person whose privacy was breached should be ashamed or embarrassed.

Because at the end of the day, I would bet the limited amount of money I have in my bank account right now that every woman reading this has been there. Shaming women for having an active, healthy sex life that they can have fun with and enjoy does nothing for anyone. What we do for ourselves sexually, emotionally and physically has nothing to do with how good or bad a person we are. Jennifer Lawrence is no less a talented actress because she sent ass pics to someone.

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