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On msn Slut

Most writers cannot conceive of such a twisted name. Believe kn or not MSN names can be made evilererer, oh by spelling them badly, for example 'h8ing me wnt make u ne prityer! Mummer jokeFat joke and Ugly joke syndrome is a serious mental issue. They make bad girlfriends, friends, enemies and people you walk past in the street and think nothing of. Change your name constantly to other evil names. These MSN names can contain emotes and ugly writing, which adds evil points.

You should also user radical blackouts at http: Detailed slogans can also go under this situation. In profession to get the reproducibility off there were they involve them on the MSN name.

They belong in an elite family of cyber ln that includes myspace bulletins, spam email, youtube chain comments, and counter-strike source. Guys r msh slinkies These are by far the most lame MSN names you will ever come across. The combination of the two is most heavily used as it is of great evil proportions, like your mum. An example of a slutty MSN name is 'Im like a lawyer, im always trying to get you off'. Incorporate things from the Evil Cyber Family Tree see belowsuch as penis enlargment spam.

mdn The users are melodramatic and suck at life. These names emply the girl is rank, ugly, desperate, a call girl, or just a slut. I may b blonde, but i'm not stupid!!!!

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