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Follow us on Twitter. For women, the picture is far more mixed. They're much less satisfied with their academic work. Lesbians are more likely to be involved in athletics than straight women, and gays, lesbians and bisexuals all express more interest in the arts than straight students. Become our fan. Numerous studies have suggested that exposure to the arts, particularly musichelps cognitive development in children; perhaps its impact extends all the way into college. Bisexual women are not having as good a college experience. Participation in cultural activities is particularly important to gay men, which raises the question of a possible connection between creative expression and academic achievement.

Those differences were driven almost entirely by those women who have had both male and female sex partners. Arts occupations are not well paid, and gay men are disproportionately likely to be employed in those professions. Carpenter obtained his data from the Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Studyone of the few surveys to include questions about students' sexuality. Among a wide range of questions they asked if you have had sex, and if so, was it with males exclusively, females exclusively, or both. Behavioral lesbians appear to do no worse, no better academically than behavioral heterosexuals.

He hopes more such surveys will be taken in the future and they will break down what specific organizations these students belong to. A New Jersey study found 52 percent of same-sex couples in that state include at least one partner with a college degree, compared to 42 percent of opposite-sex couples.

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Such information would be "really relevant when considering college and university resource allocations," he noted. Are you on Facebook? Gay male students were about 13 percent more likely than straight male students to report they had a faculty member or administrator they could talk to about a problem. I don't think the jury is in yet.

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