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He designs accessories, jewelry and various nail products. Lee Jae Jin, who is known as the most stylish member, has been a guest fashion expert on lifestyle programme Fashion Killa, while Choi Jong Hoon has been appearing on sports variety show Let's Go! Compositions and lyric-writing[ edit ] In recent years, Lee has also begun composing music, contributing the songs "Black Chocolate" and "Orange Sky" to F. Plot[ edit ] Taeyang Group is the largest conglomerate in South Korea.

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sujg But, there are a few actors who have been involved in a dating rumor with her. But going by the lead vocalist's enthusiastic response, it sounds like he is ready to stage a very energetic show. Solo debut[ edit ] InLee announced through social media that he was working on both a Korean and Japanese album, which was released in November and December respectively. Island InLee debuted in the band F.

Yang sung dating ki Lee jin hong

His latest drama Hundred Year Bride, to be broadcast in South Sumg this month, is about a kj family, in which the sons' first wives always die. Unlike the cold and calculating Yi-kyung, Doo-rim is sweet and sunny, and Kang-joo genuinely falls in love with her. The album is also available in three different sets, namely, the original version, Primadonna version for fansand the limited edition DVD version. But the group, whose members are aged between 21 and 23, are confident they will stick around for years to come.

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