Review of golden sauna massage in macau

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Anyone tried to sleep a night at those massage places in Macau?

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It just is. At this point you may start to wonder why Eighteen is so well known. I can only guess that perhaps Eighteen has a great public relations team even though I found out about the place through word of mouth. Eighteen Sauna has all the usual floor attendants. The rates for all of these services tend to be higher than they are at most other saunas and the time limits appear to be shorter too. Worst of all these attendants and the floor attendants who get towels, free food and drinks and otherwise are meant to help customers are amongst the most unfriendly at any similar establishment in the city. There are always exceptions and bright spots but for the purposes of a review like this the overall view is what matters most.

This promo picture must be a VIP room since it looks nothing like the regular quarters. Certainly the best aspect of 18 is the team of full service ladies. These are just the best of the best. Rio Spa Rio Spa is one of the biggest and the best. You can see the Rio Hotel and casino from far away but the main attraction is the sauna. The lounge is huge and there are women from all over Asia and even some from Europe. The rooms are nice and the food is good. The full sex option is the main course. A few items carry extra charges but they are reasonable.

Like other saunas Beverly staffs a range of people to do different tasks. At Beverly there are women wearing different outfits to indicate their area of expertise. Women wearing red shirts and black pants do foot massages. Women wearing pink shirts and black skirts work on the upper half of the body.

This means they do things like ear cleaning and shoulder xauna. Unlike masasge other saunas where handies can be given right in the lounge that sort of hand work is limited to private rooms at Beverly. The women working the floor at Beverly ssuna in looks but most are moderately attractive. Some are outright beautiful. Most are friendly though the sauna allows the women to carry their phones while they work which inevitably leads to some of the ladies on staff spending more time staring at their screens than working or looking for customers. This is not common in most of the competing saunas. As previously noted Beverly mainly works with Chinese customers though the place to seems to be open to anyone who can afford the service.

A floor manager who looks like a character out of Reservoir Dogs roams around looking for things to do.

The rays who prefer full time at Beverly represent a little range of dollars. Beverly Strangle is one of the longer and more well-known obstacles in Macau although a lot of Payments-speaking people seem to get it.

He seems to a friendly fellow maesage is constant communication with customers and the women on staff golcen ever appearing to be rude. Of course I cannot speak Cantonese and I have no special insight into what really goes on so what do I know? All in all Beverly operates like most other saunas though there are some things that set it apart. One is the hours of operation. Most saunas are open around the clock or at least allow customers to sleep overnight if they require it. Beverly also caters to customers but takes things a little further but opening at full steam early in the day and even offering customers a breakfast menu.

Can be hard to find the first time: The main room is nothing special in itself and the restaurant looks like a blue-collar Chinese canteen from the XIII th here in Paris. Got the same service on 2 consecutive days: Mine had her big boobs spilling out of her top making conversation lying on my lap while I was getting the leg massage. The good part of it was these 2 seemed to be friends, and were constantly interacting with each other.

Golden sauna massage in macau Review of

BJ is uncovered for 30 seconds, and covered the rest of the way though. Rio located 5th floor inside the Rio hotel is in a class of itself. The facilities are very luxurious with a big pool. They even have Bloomberg TV in English… The first time, they sold me a massage with happy ending for right at the entrance door. Good massage. Not much resistance was met getting her to DFK and putting her dress and underwear out of the way.

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