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5 reasons why word cloud polling is popular and powerful

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Word clouds can be helpful to create memorable moments as you can ask humorous or topical questions. As you can clouc by the word cloud image below, the responses certainly caused a reaction from the audience and made this a presentation to remember. There are plenty of Lice icebreaker questions that you can ask your audience, but our advice is to make the question simple and relevant. Think about choosing questions that will give you multiple responses from your audience as if there is only one or two expected answers then this will not populate a beautifully looking word cloud display. Instant feedback can help you understand what your audience is thinking at that point in time allowing you to adapt your session based on this audience feedback.

The audience love word cloud polls as they get an insight into the views and opinions of their fellow audience members.

Please wogd On 21st UdpatingMeetoo c,oud Vevox Tip: Instant visualization One aspect that makes word cloud polls impactful is that they are super quick! Running word clouds is easy with Vevox. Once you make your polling question live, your audience will see this poll on their own devices mobile, laptop or tablets and they can submit a word to be included in the word cloud. You can then review these words before showing the word cloud display if you wish by filtering certain words in an easy and manageable way that shows you the frequency of specific words. Vevox also has an automatic profanity filter to give you the peace of mind when presenting.

Then you can simply close the poll to push the results back to your audience to wow them!

Word clouds can also be customized to your colour scheme that you choose which makes it easy to see the different words. Perfect for a lot of us that thrive on visual learning! You can learn more about how to run word cloud polls with Vevox here or in PowerPoint. Take away some of the tension in the voting by only presenting the winner, boosting the atmosphere with confetti. Quick Form New!

San Marino Beneath School teacher Wilbur Paccone serving word answers as part of his here lesson plan covering the Only election. Running envelope clouds is easy with Vevox.

Collect information from your audience during your presentations to generate leads or to add more ways to analyze the data. Quick Slides Add text and images to complement your regular Mentimeter questions. Reactions Let your audience react to every slide and take interactivity to a new level. An online interactive presentation software It's free You can use Mentimeter completely free of charge, no credit card needed to get started. Fully web-based Mentimeter is fully web-based which means no downloads or installations required, get started in seconds from any location using your own device: Trustable and safe Mentimeter is a secure platform that can handle thousands of votes per minute.

Traffic is encrypted with SSL Certificates on all of our services. Once the first few responses appear, everyone will want to chime in with their two cents. Learn more: Throughout the movie, viewers were invited to share their reactions in real time via a Poll Everywhere word cloud. Participants appreciated the sense of camaraderie this activity provided during a very emotional experience.

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The impact on the young panelists was huge. I collected a few examples in this post on interactive presentation gamesbut my favorite has to be riddles. The key to a good riddle is to find one with a one-word answer. Words the audience submits multiple times grow larger than the rest. One-word responses make it easy to see which ones are the most popular. If you choose another word game — such as anagrams or a trivia question — then I still recommend you use ones with one-word responses. Poll Everywhere does support phrases as responses, but you must submit the response a specific way. Summarize big topics into single words This is what word clouds do best: San Marino High School teacher Peter Paccone used word clouds as part of his weekly lesson plan covering the Presidential election.

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